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UTI Technology Services Ltd. ( ), a Govt. of India Co., as a service provider with CBDT (Income Tax Dept of India) for PAN Cards Issuance, is presenting here a solution for the Online PAN Bulk Verification (PBV) that can be made immediately accessible to an eligible user on registration with us.


Who all can be a user of Online PBV?

Online PAN Bulk Verification application is available for:

Organizations with categories as approved by Income Tax Department (ITD) viz.

1) Financial Institutions like Banks etc.

2) Credit card companies/Institutions

3)  Government Agencies

4)  Mutual Fund

5) Depository Participant

6) Persons required to file Annual Information Returns

7)  Any other entity required to furnish Annual Information return.

8)  Insurance Companies.

9)  Educational Institutions established by Regulatory Bodies.

10)  KYC Registration Agency(KRA).

11) Credit Information Companies Approved By RBI.

12) Stock Exchanges/ Commodity Exchanges/ Clearing Corporations.

13) Companies and Government deductors of TDS for the purpose of verifying PAN of TDS/ TCS deductees.

14) Non-Banking Financial Companies approved by RBI.

15) Insurance Repository.

16) Goods and Services Tax Network -reg.

17) DSC issuing Authorities -reg.

18) Housing Finance Companies-reg.

19) Prepaid Payment Instrument Issuers approved by RBI.

20) Stamp and Registration Department.

21) Investment Adviser approved by SEBI.

22) Payments Bank approved RBI.

23) Department of Commercial Taxes.

24) Insurance Web Aggregators.

25) Income Tax Projects.

26) Payment and Settlement System Operators authorized by RBI.

27) Central Record keeping Agency of National Pension System.

28) Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) approved point of Presence (For online Platform).

29) Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) approved Direct (Life & General) Brokers.

30) Reserve Bank Of India (RBI) approved Authorised Dealer - Category II.

31) Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) registered approved Mutual Fund Advisor.

32) Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) approved Registrar to Issue and Share Transfer Agent.

33) Open Network for Digital Commerce {ONDC}.

  What all we need for your User Registration?
Registration pre-requisites:

1. The public key of a Class II (or Class III) Digital Signature Certificate, that being installed at your end.

2.UTITSL-PBV-Indent.pdf (download):   Indent  Form, duly filled and signed with company seal by the prospective user with the Demand Draft.

3.UTITSL-PBV-Terms_and_Conditions.pdf (download): Terms & Conditions Agreement on your company letter head, duly filled and signed with company seal by the prospective user.
  Your user registration approval? 

Approval would be taken up by us with CBDT (Income Tax Dept of India).

We will need to attach a copy of the 'Indent Form' and the 'Terms and Conditions Agreement' with our request for approval being sent to the Income Tax Dept.

On receiving the approval, user registration will stand immediately confirmed, following which an intimation related to user's access and activation of the service will be sent to you.
Note: For Class II (or Class III) Digital Signature Certificate acquiring details, please visit You may take either from TCS, MTNL, Safescrypt, NIC, IDRBT, iCertCA , e-MudhraCA or GNFC .